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Treating you dog with a good dog flea treatment is essential

Dog scratching on the ground needs a dog flea treatmentIf your dog has fleas, it’s very important for their health (and your home!) to get rid of them. First off, they tend to be incredibly annoying for both your dog, and for the people around them. They can cause severe skin itching and infections, especially from scratching at them. Lastly, they can transmit diseases and tapeworms. It’s incredibly important that, once you’ve established your pup is infested, that you find an effective dog flea treatment before the situation gets out of control.

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How do I tell they have fleas?

First sign would be if your dog is scratching and biting itself, especially around their head and tail. They may develop bald spots in their fur due to scratching, as well as their skin getting irritated from the bites. You aren’t immune either, the fleas may spread to the furniture, your clothes, and you. Flea bites often show up as small bumps and an itching rash.

Some Effective Dog Flea Treatment Methods

As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Keep a close eye on your canine, especially during the summer and early fall, this is flea season. Give your pet a bath on a regular basis, at least once every week to 2 weeks. This should help to wash away any fleas that have gained a foothold and laid eggs.

Consider getting a dog flea treatment such as a flea collar as well, they’re one of the oldest, most effective ways to prevent fleas. Additionally, they’re available at just about any pet store. Just be sure to pick the right one for your dog by reading the instructions carefully.

Chemical Dog Flea Treatment

There are a wide range of chemical dog flea treatment options available, which include anything from topical medications, drops and sprays, and creams, to oral medications. Ask your veterinarian about some of the most common brands, such as Frontline, Advantage, and Sentinel. They are all highly effective treatment methods.

Once you begin treating your pet for fleas, remember that the fleas aren’t just hiding on your pet. They’re hiding all around you, in your carpeting, your furniture, your bedding, and your clothes. Effective treatment includes treating all these high rish areas to be sure that you don’t get a resurgence.

Don’t attempt to purchase these dog flea treatments on your own, instead be sure to consult a veterinarian. They will inform you of the different options in treatment available, and make a safe choice based on your dog’s weight, age, and history.

Herbal Dog Flea Treatment

One of the oldest and most effective “natural” ways to prevent fleas  is to add a bit of garlic to your pet’s meals. This is a time tested means. A little sulphur, or black walnut hulls (available in many health food stores) will not only help with fleas, but other pests such as ticks and mosquito. These are all slow acting solutions that can take a month or 2 to notice any effect. You can also read our post about natural flea repellent to find more information about natural ways to fight fleas.

To learn more about dog flea treatment tips and other infestations in dogs, visit Heartworm Medicine.

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