Coming This Summer – Heartworms


What are heartworms

Every year, with summer comes back dogs heartworm season. Dirofilaria immitis, better known as heartworms, is a long and thin worm that can grow as long as 30cm long. Once it reaches its adulthood, the worm can hide in the heart of the host as well as in other large heart vessels.

Dogs get infected through mosquito bites. Each year, adult heartworms who live in the heart of infected dogs or canines lay thousands of microfilaria that will go down the bloodstream of the animal. When a mosquito bites the infected animal, it sucks in the microfilaria as well. Then starts a 15 days cycle where the microfilaria will develop into a larvae. After the 15 days cycle, the larvae is transmitted to a new host through another mosquito bite.

Protect your pet against heartworms

As you probably guessed, those worms can heart the good bloodflow to and from the heart and cause serious heart injuries. Symptoms of heartworm disease can include : fatigue, cough, unable to exercise, weight loss and even death of the animal. It is possible to treat an infected animal, but they are expensive and there are lots of side effects. This is because this disease can be serious, even deadly to the animal that it is important to prevent heartworm medicine.

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