How to avoid heartworms in dogs

Question – Can my dog get heartworms
Answer – Yes, all dogs can get heartworms, even dogs who stay inside

Question – How do dogs get heartworms?
Answer – Dogs get infected through mosquitos, more precisely through female mosquito bites. During the summer or the humid season, mosquitoes are an annoying problem and it is fairly difficult to prevent them from entering the house.

Question – Are some dogs more likely to get heartworms than other?
Answer – No. All types of dogs can get infected, however depending on where you live, the chances of getting heartworms can be increase or reduced. But in every region, mosquitoes can be infected and infect your dog.

Question – What are the signs of heartworms in dogs
Answer – Symptoms can take as long as 7 months do show. However, you dog might start coughing at 4 months. Other signs your dog is infected are lack of energy, weight loss and breathing problems. If you have any suspicions, talk to your vet who can perform a blood test on your pet.

Question – When shoud I have heartworm tests done on my dog?
Answer – Whenever you think your dog may have heartworms, usually during mosquito season or shortly after.

Question – How about prevention?
Answer –  Talk to your vet about prevention methods. There are several prevention methods available. For example, some prevention meds are taken like little treats, which an easy way to administer the medication since the dog simply love them.

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